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This is my first injectable cycle so I just tried a Test-only run to see how I would react.
I have used the first vial and I am already experiencing a great 30 days I have gained 4kgs (11 pounds) of weight, most of it muscle, as my body fat is the same. I use aromasyn + proviron and supps while on cycle. I am also a lot stronger, I can bench press 220 for an easy 8-9 reps, while before I could only do 2, max 3 reps. I have a lot of energy, libido is through the roof - you can say the Test works and I am only on my 1st bottle.
Zero acne, no gyno, no water retention, no side effect AT ALL. If it continues like this, it will be an excellent cycle.

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Boldenone buy uk

boldenone buy uk


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