Dangers of low testosterone

In conclusion, low calorie dieting is not only inadequate for weight loss, but may be potentially hazardous to your health. Research has clearly shown that low calorie dieting is ineffective in the long term. The research has also shown that going low calorie can down-regulate our thyroid hormone, making weight loss more difficult. It can also increase our stress levels. The increased stress can induce insulin resistance, making weight loss difficult via yet another mechanism . The Minnesota Starvation Diet was a long-term low calorie study that increased mood disorders in the participants. This information can lead us to ask, “What should we do?”

You aren’t seeing any results with your workouts, so why continue? What’s your goal? If it’s to lose weight then cut back on the workouts, do the diet and lose all your weight, then go back to your old workouts on maintenance and after the diet. Don’t keep doing what’s not working. I guarantee you are working out too much and not eating enough, putting you into starvation mode. Don’t over think the diet. Just do it as directed and get the results you deserve. Only changes should be made if you HAVE to workout, like for work. Sorry to be so blunt, but I can tell you are frustrated and I want you to get good results.

Dangers of low testosterone

dangers of low testosterone


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