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Bringing The Rosette’s extensive feature set into a stompbox format must have presented some challenges, but the full-featured Acoustic DI-Preamp ($299 street) packs an impressive array of functions in a convenient package measuring just " x 8" x 2". Powered by a 9-volt battery or optional AC adapter, the device packs Input and Boost Level controls, variable Notch and Hi-Pass filters, and active 4-band EQ with two semi-parametric Mid controls. There are also footswitches for Boost and Mute (the latter automatically routs the signal to a Tuner output), an FX loop, ¼" and balanced DI outs, a balanced Preamp out (w/level control), ground-Lift switches, and a Source switch with pre-EQ and post-EQ settings.

Consider vocal dynamics as the changing volume levels in which a vocalist sings during a song.  These changes can be detrimental to your mix but they can also be beneficial, it all depends on the intent of the song arrangement and the quality of the singer.  For example, a vocalist can raise their volume at a critical part of a song and that adds to the emotional impact at that time.  There are also the tell-tale signs a singer isn’t comfortable singing a song when they belt out the chorus but their volume drops significantly when it comes to the verses.  You might even hear a bit of hesitation in their voice.  You can’t control everything.

Six Seconds’ Founder, Karen McCown, authored a method for integrating emotional and academic development, called Self-Science, first published in 1978.  In 1995, Daniel Goleman described the Self-Science process as one of two models for teaching emotional intelligence.  Established as a 501(c)3 organization in California in 1997, Six Seconds is now a global network with offices in San Francisco, Bologna, Amman, Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta, plus representatives Bogota, Sao Paulo, Vilnius, Lisbon, Paris and Durban.

Eq 300 results

eq 300 results


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