Eq 3000 bsr

For my vote, this and the BSR (ADC-these were all design DNA heirs apparent of the Cost No Object DBX's xx/xx series, it was the same company) 4000XR are the best Equalizers money could buy, unless you wanted to go for the DBX versions. (They may not have even been quite as good...) I own 1 3000 and 2 4000XR's and they're quieter, better built and more reliable than anything I've used or seen. They're worth every penny when you're in those rare situations when an EQ is the thing you actually need for a fidelity challenged recording. They were hands down the best thing DAK industries ever sold. Grab one if you have need for an analogue EQ.

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Like most other electric guitars, the majority of basses have solid bodies; they need an amplifier to boost the signal so your audience can hear it. You can't just plug your bass into any Peavey or Marshall and expect perfect results; you need an amp that's designed for bass guitar. Bass amps focus on the bottom end, with an emphasis on low frequency response. The speakers are bigger so that you can feel the low notes of that driving beat. Remember, it's the amplifier that drives the speakers, so if it doesn't produce great sound the speakers won't either.

Eq 3000 bsr

eq 3000 bsr


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