Eq haste stacking

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In a Reddit thread Guide Moregan explained why he left and gives the reader plenty of insight as to the level of mismanagement and apathy in the current CSR system on P1999. As a Guide myself on the original EQ, I am well acquainted with how the original Guide Program was structured and how it was administered by SOE/Verant. Along with one dedicated GM Admin assigned to each server, each EQ server had 2-3 senior Guides, with approximately 15-20 Guides and often about 10 Apprentice Guides. There was also a special team of Guides called the SWAT Team that would rove from server to server processing high petition queues. To my knowledge (realize that there is no public info available on the number of GM, and Guides and who they are) the number of active Guides previously to Moregan’s departure was about 3 with 2 Senior Guides. That number of CSR staff is abysmally low and explains why most P1999 Guides got burned out and eventually quit.

As a side investigation, we asked the Devs why a bash that failed to stun was so much more likely to interrupt casting than a bash that would have stunned, but didn't (due to resist or immunity). It turns out that the mechanism first determines if a bash will stun or not; if not a stun, it checks for interrupt or not. When bash was put in to the game, they did not take into account stun immunity or the development of stun resist mods; so that if the first check yeilds a (potential) stun, it doesn't check for interrupt (assuming the stun would do the interrupting). The Ogre racial immunity to frontal stuns seems to be well worth the 70 levels of experience penalty at this point.

Eq haste stacking

eq haste stacking