Equipoise dose for horses

Health records shall contain the date the lot was established (if using the unique lot method), the first date the animal(s) may be shipped for slaughter considering the requirement for at least a 180 day recorded history prior to slaughter, the unique identifier, as well as record entries that indicate the date the illness was noticed, the details of the illness, the number of animals affected and date the illness was resolved. Each record event entry shall be accompanied by the initials of the person making the entry and date/time of the entry.

Dosing and Administration
External -. Both open pit and under occlusive dressings
after cleansing and debridement of the wound is applied to the drug under sterile conditions and the thickness of 2-3 mm 2-3 times a day. The wound during treatment should be completely covered with cream. If part of the wound open, you must also put the cream. Imposition of occlusive dressings – is possible, but is not mandatory.
The cream is applied to the complete healing of wounds or until skin grafting. In the case of the drug exudate may appear on infected wounds. Before applying the cream should be washed wound % aqueous solution of chlorhexidine or other antiseptic.
The maximum daily dose – ’25
The maximum duration of treatment – 60 days.

Equipoise dose for horses

equipoise dose for horses


equipoise dose for horsesequipoise dose for horses