Hormone therapy men

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (referred to as androstanolone or stanolone when used medically) can also be used in place of testosterone as an androgen. The availability of DHT is limited; it is not available in the United States or Canada, for instance, but it is available in certain European countries, including the United Kingdom , France , Spain , Belgium , Italy , and Luxembourg . [5] DHT is available in formulations including topical gel, buccal or sublingual tablets, and as esters in oil for intramuscular injection. [6] Relative to testosterone, and similarly to many synthetic AAS, DHT has the potential advantages of not being locally potentiated in so-called androgenic tissues that express 5α-reductase (as DHT is already 5α-reduced) and of not being aromatized into an estrogen (it is not a substrate for aromatase).

Dr. Mark Richards is one of a handful of nationally and internationally recognized experts in the emerging field of bio-identical pellet hormone therapy. He instructs physicians in how to start this therapy in their practices. He also lectures to physicians at medical specialty conferences (Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging) regarding the extensive science of the last 70 years supporting the use of bio-identical hormone pellets to enhance and restore health and well-being in aging humans. He has practiced and taught Plastic Surgery for over 21 years, and has practiced and educated others in bio-identical pellet therapy since 2008. He is board certified in Plastic Surgery.

Hormone therapy men

hormone therapy men


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