Low hormone levels in males

I am the opposite- I have Graves disease which is hyperthyroid. I take bata blocking drugs so that the huge amount of antibodies don’t attack my thyroid and body. My levels are normal and I work out 7 days a week- 5 days weight training and 4 intense cardio days (so some days even have 2 workouts) I eat 90% whole foods, a good balance of protein and veggies and fruit, and carbs in the morning and around my workouts. I am consuming anywhere from 1400-1800 cals differning everday based on avtivity and to keep my body guessing. I am at a stand still… I am fine with my weight (140) and am working on decreasing my fat% 26% (which I think is high) I am fairly fit and have lots of muscle, but can’t get the layer of fat to disappear! Please help- do you have any suggestions?

When you are being treated for hypothyroidism with thyroid hormone replacement drugs, doctors will typically attempt to medicate you into the "normal" reference range of a TSH from / on the low-end, to / on the high-end. Patients who have had thyroid cancer , however, are often given suppressive doses that maintain TSH near to 0 in order to prevent cancer recurrence.

So, when you've gone for a checkup and your TSH comes in below normal (which means that TSH is being suppressed because thyroid hormone levels are already high), your doctor may want to reduce your dosage of thyroid hormone because you are already hyperthyroid.

Low hormone levels in males

low hormone levels in males


low hormone levels in maleslow hormone levels in maleslow hormone levels in maleslow hormone levels in maleslow hormone levels in males