Nandrolone deca 2500 oxy

( Contains also : grapeseed oil, campesterol, β -sitosterol , stigmasterol, 9% benzyl benzoate , benzyl alcohol %)

Nandro 200 is a very popular product among athletes . According to the experience of the user enables Nandro 200 strong muscle growth , albeit slightly slower than when using Testo Depot 250 or Danabol . A certain water accumulation in the muscles can occur, but only in small quantities. Bodybuilder keep Nandro 200 for a very efficient and effective long-term anabolic product.

This agent can be combined to meet the training goals of the athlete with other dragons Sang products.

alternative to: Deca Durabolin , Nandrolone decanoate

Dosage: 3 ml / week

content :

Nandro 200 , 2 x 10 ml vial , oily solution (200 mg / ml)

Nandrolone deca 2500 oxy

nandrolone deca 2500 oxy