Rack eq in effects loop

These effects include Harmonisers, Vibrato, Pitch benders and octave dividers. Harmonisers in particular should be placed after overdrive. In the opposite order, sending several notes to the overdrive input causes strong inter-modulation distortion where additional, usually low, notes are added. These extra notes may have no relationship to the harmony you intend. Because the quality of most pitch effects is often quite poor, anything that changes pitch without including the original is best placed before overdrive which can help mask the change in pitch affected tone.

Guitar multi-effects pedals and processors come in three basic forms. First, there are floor-based devices which are operated by foot. These can often be completely customized, making them great at adding amazing effects with little effort. Your next option are the tabletop devices which have an array of knobs and switches for added freedom. Finally, rack-mounted devices offer an ideal solution for touring artists.

Keep in mind that each of these multi-effects processors or pedals is either analog or digital. Are you a music purist? Analog pedal would be a good fit, since analog effects don't use digital conversion. On the other hand, if you don't care about the process and want versatility and precision, digital multi-effects are the perfect choice.

Some guitar multi-effects pedals also offer dozens of additional capabilities such as recording and rhythm tracking - many even have MIDI and USB connectors so you can easily connect them to your computer or iOS software. If you want an even broader spectrum of sounds, a guitar multi-effects pedal or processor with downloading capabilities is the right choice, since it will allow you to sample, buy and download a whole range of effects and sounds from the Internet.

No matter what your style of music is, or whether you are a professional or amateur, a good guitar multi-effects pedal will give you the freedom to play with your art. And when it comes to quality, Sweetwater will supply you with the best products out there. We carry reputable brands and our online store stocks great products for all budgets. Learn More

Rack eq in effects loop

rack eq in effects loop


rack eq in effects looprack eq in effects looprack eq in effects looprack eq in effects looprack eq in effects loop