Reason for low testosterone

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I have Metastatic Melanoma and was treated with Keytruda for a year. It killed my Endocrine system, including my Pituitary gland, Thyroid, Adrenals, and everything else. I take NP Thyroid for HT, Cortisone 2X daily for Adrenal insufficiency. I am suffering from Chronic fatigue that’s had me in bed for 12 weeks. I am too tired to get up. I feel like I’m feverish and have spells of convulsive chills, followed by drenching sweats, usually at night. When I check it, my body temp has been at . I stopped taking Synthroid because it was making me feel bad and went to NP Thyroid. I almost immediately felt better….for about 3 months, then the fatigue started. My labs look normal but I know that they shouldn’t necessarily look normal when on NDT when the lab is testing for normal levels when on Synthroid. I would appreciate any thoughts from anyone.

1. Stress

Do you feel stressed out? Excessive stress can wreck havoc on your energy levels. The toxic word here is excessive. Stress is good for us to a certain degree. When it becomes excessive, it can zap away your energy meter.

2. Emotional State

Do you feel depressed? Do you worry a lot? Depression and worrying a lot are just two of the many emotional states which can suck the life force out of you.

3. Poor diet

If you don’t have enough nutrients and calories in your diet, you can experience low energy levels because your body doesn’t have the tools to keep functioning optimally.

4. Lack of Sleep

You need sleep to replenish your energy levels. During sleep, your body shuts down and goes into hibernation mode. It gives your body a rest from all the basic functions you deal with when you’re awake and time to repair. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep at night.

Reason for low testosterone

reason for low testosterone


reason for low testosteronereason for low testosteronereason for low testosteronereason for low testosteronereason for low testosterone