Test e and eq cycle

In the European Union advertising has to show Carbon dioxide (CO 2 )-emission and fuel consumption data in a clear way as described in the UK Statutory Instrument 2004 No 1661. [43] Since September 2005 a colour-coded "Green Rating" sticker has been available in the UK, which rates fuel economy by CO 2 emissions: A: <= 100 g/km, B: 100–120, C: 121–150, D: 151–165, E: 166–185, F: 186–225, and G: 226+. Depending on the type of fuel used, for gasoline A corresponds to about  L/100 km (69 mpg ‑imp ; 57 mpg ‑US ) and G about  L/100 km (30 mpg ‑imp ; 25 mpg ‑US ). [44] Ireland has a very similar label, but the ranges are slightly different, with A: <= 120 g/km, B: 121–140, C: 141–155, D: 156–170, E: 171–190, F: 191–225, and G: 226+. [45]

Maybe you’ve always wanted a Lexus but laughed at the IS sedan’s smaller back seat. Or you’re looking for an efficient car that’s hybrid-quiet in stop-and-occasionally-go traffic with a long driving range. Although the Lexus fits those descriptions and is slightly quicker than you might think, the driving experience of the 2017 ES 300h, which starts at $42,795, could be better. Then again, the Lincoln is slower and has a cramped back seat, which leaves me at a similar conclusion as our 2017 MKZ Hybrid review: If you can stomach the idea of not owning a luxury-branded car, go drive a Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum before you buy the more spacious Lexus.

Test e and eq cycle

test e and eq cycle


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