Test enth and eq cycle

I got flu like symptoms the same night i pinned TEST E for the first time, nothing to worry about, then around week 5, i turned into Hulk, lifting weights like i never thought i was gonna be able to do so, gained total of 28 solid ass pounds and kept most of them, if your shit gets sore(PIP) don't panic it will go away, as a suggestion since i don't know which Test E brand you using, try to pin half and half(example 1/2 ml in one leg and 1/2 on the other leg, i know it sucks to pin twice but it will keep you from not be able to walk for a few days, cheers!

Tren in either ester can have wicked sides, long ester I have always experienced the sides to a lesser degree, but still there. If your hell bent on Tren at this point, go the short ester route and run it for 6 weeks and see how you feel. My personally opinion, at 3 cycles deep you're better off to run masteron in this stack instead of Tren. Again, you can use a short or long ester version. I seen your pics, you already have a lean build. Masteron would serve you well and compliment the test greatly too, and I've always liked a mast/test/EQ stack as well. My advice, swap tren for masteron at this point.

Test enth and eq cycle

test enth and eq cycle


test enth and eq cycletest enth and eq cycle