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Name Purpose Description Sensitivity, Specificity Validity, Reliability Likelihood Ratio +/- Thessaly Test To test for meniscal Injury Patient stands flat footed on one leg while the examiner provides his or her hands for balance. The patient then flexes the knee to 20 degrees and rotates the femur on the tibia medially and laterally three times while maintaining the 20 degrees flexion. The patient tests first the good leg and then the injured leg. The test is considered positive for a meniscus tear if the patient experiences medial or lateral joint line discomfort. The patient may also have a sense of locking or catching in the knee. [1]   Sensitivity 89% [2] for medial meniscus   92% 2 for lateral meniscus   Specificity 97% 2 for medial meniscus   96% 2 for lateral meniscus       + 2 - 2 for medial meniscus   +23 2 - 2 for lateral meniscus

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Test therapy

test therapy


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