Testerone pills for men

Most of you on here that are posting about a womens insecurites – you’re obviously not reading or understanding what we are writing… I am 100% comfortable with my body and sexual needs. i love trying new things and really getting into sex… my partner and i were having sex atleast twice a day for the first year… then alteast 5 days a week for the following 2 years… now going on to our 4th year.. he’s really starting to make me question our relationship… as mentioned in the rest of the posts – we now only have sex mayyyybe once a week.. my sex drive has gone through the roof but my man is either too tired, too lazy to return “the favour” or litterally just laughs and says “maybe i should take more testosterone” jokingly…. however… i find it funny that he has the time and effort to scope the internet for porn but ALSO now youtube just to scope sexy chicks!

My wife heard about this product through various radio shows she listens to. I knew I had a problem with my energy level & sex drive, but was unsure of what to take. So after talking it over with my wife, I decided to try a sample of Ageless Male. After about 1 week, I noticed a difference in my energy. Then my wife noticed a change in my attitude, in and out of the bedroom. I have more stamina & am in the mood more often (which makes her very happy!). Although I’ve tried this for less than a month, I am happy with the product.

Testerone pills for men

testerone pills for men


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