Testosterone 40

A: Fortunately, a powerful natural testosterone booster can definitely help you feel like your old self. The only supplement I recommend is MHP’s T-BOMB II. It has been the top-selling test booster at GNC for years, and there’s a reason—it really works. It includes powerful testosterone-boosting herbs like tribulus, fenugreek and long jack, plus anti-aromatase actives such as chrysin. So it increases test while preventing the conversion to estrogen or DHT. Trust me, this stuff will help jack you up. You will feel more energetic, your muscle building will increase, and you’ll feel a little extra something in the bedroom as well.

• Evaluate formulation-specific ad­verse effects at each visit:
- Intramuscular injections of testosterone enanthate and cypionate: Ask about fluctuations in mood or libido.
- Testosterone patches: Look for skin reaction at the application site.
- Testosterone gels: Advise patients to cover the application sites with a shirt and to wash the skin with soap and water before having skin-to-skin contact because testosterone gel leaves a residue on the skin that can be transferred to a woman or child who comes in close contact. Serum testosterone levels are main­tained when the site is washed 6 hours after applying the gel.

Testosterone 40

testosterone 40


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