Testosterone oil

I tried the cup of raisins before bed and woke up before dawn with an erection reminiscent of days gone by, that lasted for over an hour. Pretty awesome! Though peeing was a long and drawn out affair.
I just had my T checked as I was not getting them any more, neither was I much interested in sex. The test came back with a paltry 305 @ 46yrs old. Just a year ago my erections used to have a bitter sweet ache to them. After going close to zero carb I lost my power, my head hair, got rosacea, limp erections, and my nitric oxide plummeted. I stopped training as it was painful and although I was eager to exercise my body just didn’t seem up to it. ( come to think of it now after reading all these articles, it would seem that lower elasticity of my arteries(low NO) was the reason.)

ALI please answer this one because you could do and article on this. It has to do with varicocele wich is varicose veins in the testes (20% fo men have it), this condition increases the temperature of the testes with blocks some of the testosterone production that´s why men with varicocele have 10% less testoterone on average. It has been shown that subinguinal or inguinal varicocele microsurgery not only fixes infertility but tests have shown (Dr goldstein wich is a leading doctor in this area in new york) that out of 100 men 30% didn´t increase testosterone but the other 70% increased by a medium of 180ng/dl and the increases in free T were much higher, there was also an increase in LH hormone and a decrease in FSH hormone wich could solve some of HPG axis. Of those 70% of men some incresased their testosterone by 30%, 50% and 10% of those doubled!!!! their testosterone. I currently have grade 2 varicocele and want my urologist to operate on me, just know that not every urologist is going to be open to operate you based on hormonal imbalance specially if you are not infertile and have varicocele wich is my case. First of all i am doing the testosterone challenge since i am overweight, and i will be using vitamin k2 , vitamin d, boron, HIIT, lift weights, cold showers, epson salt baths, magnesium oil. IF this does not work ill do the surgery, i think it will work but the operation could give me a nice boost, hope you read this since it is a fairly common condition and the this type of surgery is the safest type of surgery for this condition with only 1% of recurrence.

Testosterone oil

testosterone oil


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