Tren and test cycle results

This STLC phase concentrates on the exit criteria and reporting. Depending on your project and stakeholders choice, you can decide on reporting whether you want to send out a daily report of weekly report etc. There are different types of reports ( DSR – Daily status report, WSR – Weekly status reports) which you can send, but the important point is, the content of the report changes and depends upon whom you are sending your reports. If Project managers belong to testing background then they are more interested in the technical aspect of the project, so include the technical things in your report ( number of test cases passed, failed, defects raised, severity 1 defects etc.). But if you are reporting to upper stakeholders, they might not be interested in the technical things so report them about the risks that have been mitigated through the testing.

But true to its mission, the Levante SQ4 does feel like a rear-driver, especially because it’s one of the last vehicles to still use hydraulic- and not electric-assist power steering. We were very impressed with the SQ4’s grip and poise when the road twisted and turned. One would never guess the Levante weighed as much as it does. There’s definitely a fluid, unfettered quality and genuine feel in the steering that many young drivers today will likely never experience. And with turns lock to lock and a tidy -foot turning diameter, the Levante really does drive smaller than its -inch wheelbase would seem to dictate. On our taxing figure-eight course, the Levante SQ4 beat the –-second range established by the Audi SQ5, the Jaguar F-Pace, and the Porsche Macan S with its own -second lap. The GLE 450 AMG turned a slightly better -second time, and a Macan Turbo finished in 25 seconds flat. In terms of braking power, the Levante’s 105-foot stop from 60 mph lands square in the middle of the 104–107-foot range of the others.

Tren and test cycle results

tren and test cycle results


tren and test cycle resultstren and test cycle resultstren and test cycle resultstren and test cycle resultstren and test cycle results